3D Printing in Your Homes

3D Printing – The Cusp Of The Fouth Industrial Revolution

Written by: jude.X

Whether you believe it or not, the world is in the projection of the 4th industrial revolution. Several years ago, it is evident that printers became demanding on the stock market due to the 3D innovation. The expectations of developing technologies did not meet the demand on the marketplace. When investors disappeared, the three dimensional printing stocks dropped. The 3D industry has drastically experienced some huge changes. The competitive bar has been raised due to the operation of certain companies. This helped to shift the anticipations from users to industrial markets. The equipment used in creating 3D devices will change the prototyping, design and even manufacturing procedures. Do you know that the three dimensional print trade encounters a series of alterations? From rethinking the supply chain for aspects of the industrial platform to the price and type of potential materials, 3D print has faced tons of changes.

The 3D printing technology has wide, in-depth effects for productivity, design and workmanship. It also has deep implications for distribution of international production capacity. Without any iota of doubt, the technology behind 3D printing remains an aspect of the 4th industrial revolution. The invention of steam power is the primary focus of the first industrial revolution. It affected the textile sector, making design to move from cottages to factories. The second industrial revolution is about the division of workmanship and the creation of electricity. The second industrial revolution changed the way the globe manufactured items and the creation of massive production assembly lines. In recent times, the globe experienced its third industrial revolution. The third industrial revolution reveals the invention of information technology and electronics. This revolution enabled the ideology of mass manufacturing of assembly lines become international.

With the drama of recent times unfolding at a fast pace, people and organizations are now trying to capture the rhythm. Digitization is the primary feature of the fourth industrial revolution. This is where zeros and ones control everything in the globe with factories inclusive. It is unequivocal that these factories will be flexible and as well efficient. The ideology of digitization will allow the creation of completely new product categories and innovative devices. The truth is that digitization will change the globe with its unique concept. The fourth industrial revolution will come with tons of advantages. Do you know where 3D printing comes into effect in production and manufacturing? Industrial experts have mentioned that 3D printing is highly effective with short product operations and high-end specialized applications. Studies show that prototyping reveals the primary implication of the 3D printing technology. Nevertheless, the concept will also affect manufacturing and production.

With all these complications, it may be difficult to understand the 3D printing technology. For this reason, Intigo is established to bring more production and speed to the three dimensional printing technology. Our intellectual property designed in December will allow an organic marketplace for 3D printing to grow without any difficulties. We are not competing with design engineers or hardware experts but creating an avenue for customers. Intigo is a full-service company creating an environment that will grow in demand. When compared to other platforms, our company will be more productive with resources and demand for the three dimensional printing technology. One amazing thing about our company is that customers will discover some attractive economic features. As the 4th industrial revolution will be cascaded on 3D printing, we are ready and willing to help customers find the best solution to grow.

Intigo printing technology remains unique and different. This is because our printing technology provides mechanical and functional solutions at high speeds. It is important to know that some 3D printing technologies comes with less production quality and restricted speed. The industry will be loaded with a

plethora of 3D printer products and technologies. We are here to create an
avenue that will grow the three dimensional technology in demand for customers. Metals and plastics remain the primary 3D print technologies available. While metals are in the second position, plastic has remained the biggest aspect of the market. With our service, customers will be able to create innovative designs that remained impossible before. We will help consumers understand the regulations and standards of the 3D printing industry, which is the basic item to help the market grow. Is your quest for how the three dimensional print industry will operate? Are you curious to get into the system with all requirements? You can check them out at intigo3d.com and see whats next!


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