Republican or Democrat

Oh boy; What does it mean to be left wing or right wing, conservative or liberal? My question is, Why do people use the perception of others to place themselves on personal positions? Use your perception, which side is more beneficial to you the individual and your family. This election has done one thing, and that one thing is FEAR!

The truth is both parties have crossed that threshed hold of taking it to far. Both parties are fighting so hard against each other, especially with a seat up for grabs that will begin to scope our next ten years as a country. The question is not TRUMP or Hillary its actually far bigger and to be honest always has been. The questions are, Do we want to stabilize the world? “The only way to accomplish this is for America to risk power to lend help to neighbors to help grow.” This ideology says if america is a 10 on a power scale and everyone is at 2, 3, 6, America wants to be a 9 while rising their neighbors slowly. If this is your view point your should consider voting for Hillary.

If your view point is that America was a 10 but now is about an 8 or 7 and you feel America cannot help the World because we need to rebuild our infrastructure, than vote for Trump. This campaign as gone so far off tangent, its either you think America is strong and you vote liberal to keep society static and repeat the last 8 years or you feel that society is loosing value and you don’t mind sacrificing former relationships to rebuild.

Either way the cold hard truth is, the world isn’t ending, this happens every four years, people thought Obama was terrorist. We will have another election in four years and my prediction is the world will start to get scary again. Don’t let other people tell you whats best for you, and don’t let this campaign scare you because you live in America. The only place in the world where you can enjoy freedom!


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