Albert Einstein Vs. Time

What is Time? Time can be depicted many ways, such as this unstable object that is constant and running like a dictator over humanity with no obligation to stop. Its important to take a step back and observe this concept, Albert Einstein’s theory’s have opened a gateway to understand the Universe through time itself. What I propose is that time does not exist, that its definition or the word is a symbol for life. As human’s we are hardwired through semantics to feel we understand or better yet want to understand. Our minds themselves are actually time machines! Well, not the ones that we think of today, but the truth are our minds need to make quick observations of our surroundings and than our minds predict what will happen the next instance. This allows us to walk the street and see the movement of a car approaching telling us to stop. Is literally the main reason illusionist and street performers can manipulate you to think your seeing something your not. Your brain is a database, and if it has seen it before it will assume the same pattern. By understanding why the brain loves simple pattern’s you can than begin to observe life differently. Its why a 4 chord progression in music is addictive to listen to, because your brain can predict the next pattern easily, and by doing so easily it assures itself control over the future.

Time is used as a tool to measure; it is not a faulty space in the air that runs like a conveyer belt to the end of eternity. My suggestion is that time does not exist, only movement exist. The focus of many studies is based around finding answers to our existence, and I feel that may be the problem with finding discoveries. I feel its foolish to believe that our species is the most intelligent being that is planet and even solar system is relatively new. So I ask what is time used for? To measure the distance between today and tomorrow, to measure speed, or is it a illusion pattern that our brain just can’t comprehend. Time cannot be in physical form, just as volume cannot be physical or division, all are measurements.

I believe time has been used to bring humanity closer together and running as one cohesive unit. I think it is important to realize that the world and universe are filled with two things, stability and instability. The concept of time falls into this space between stability and instability. I like to think of stability as something static, and instability as movement. With this theory you can say that a plane represents stability, but in order for a plan to fly it must be unstable to deal with unstable forces manipulating the plan. What lies between the two is TIME; the stability of a plane vs. the instability can measure how long the plane will sustain flight.

Think of space and how planets sit and bend space like those quarter machines you toss into the spiral funnel and the coin rips around until it goes in the tiny hole at the bottom. The planets are static but the bending of space creates movement for planets to circulate around the sun. Our time is not measured on a grand scale, but by how fast the movement is around the sun. If the world was static there would be no life, but movement creates a past present and future. We as human beings are instable, and such action forces our brains to try to predict to maintain self-awareness. I don’t believe that time measures movement, I believe that time is a symbol for something we just don’t understand yet. When the Egyptian’s had a sun god it was a symbol to explain why the sun would rise and set. We know now that it is because we rotate 360 degrees in a day splitting 12 hours each of sunlight. I believe time has manipulated a distracted our studies from the stand point that time may be a infinite loop in movement and the actions of the stable will always dictate the instability. This means that planets could rotate vastly slower around planets slowing down time, but our brains allow us to move at a pace it can depict the future efficiently. My theory is that there could be life living 300 years of age through the same depiction of time that we have here on earth!


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