Should America be ran like a business?

As many wonder the fact if America should be ran like a business, ” Im sorry but your to late” its always been ran like a business! I mean under different management styles, and yes some have run the country like a non profit organization. Lets not get things twisted here, non profits are great but theres something every human being should understand and thats actually themselves. Seriously, heres the truth, we are hardwired to create social classes and even to create classes within our circles. Its are brains way of seeing where you stand, have you ever tried out for a team, or even meet new people through friends? The first day of try outs your focused in on either one of two things, “who’s the most talented” and “who’s the weakest” and you put yourself in between the two, to represent a category of safety for yourself. Hence why every parent of a kid who just got cut, can’t believe that someone else’s kid made it. Even when you meet new friends “where do you work” and don’t lie the job you say or hear immediately puts worth to your presence.

My point is, in business you have to make choices, choices that can put competitors in tough times, but by not doing so you may put your own company at risk. So the question is what do you do? Lets think about America, we sit at the top of this power struggled pyramid. It’s the truth and if you think America is not the world’s super power, that is too but remember have we not ever bossed our way into areas maybe we shouldn’t have been in. What you are beginning to see today is a pyramid that seems to be getting wider. The truth is, there can never be peace between the world with weapons of mass destruction and egotistical maniacs who forget they represent symbol and their individual agenda’s that have manifested into personal power.

This is the cold hard truth, the world is a business, and by biology we are hardwired to place ourselves in comfortable positions so we don’t get caught. Im not saying everything we does right, but would you rather be at the bottom trying to disrupt the industry?



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